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Jacksepticeye x Reader(One-Shot) Can I have a Hug?
Friday. The best day of the week. Or if you're me, it's the day you get to go home early. Just a little longer....come on....
"Alright, quit'n time." My boss finally came out of from his hiding spot a.k.a. his office. Before leaving he gave me one last look of disgust and immediately rushed out the door. 
"Well isn't he just Mr.Sunshine and Lollipops today?" My co-worker and long time best friend Megan said. (don't judge, I wrote this I can be in it) "Don't worry (y/n), I'll close up so you can go head home for you're date."
"How many times do I have to tell you?! It isn't a date! It's just two friends hanging out, you know as friends do."
"Sure...I could cut the sexual tension with a very dull butter knife, but you're just 'friends'." I rolled my eyes.
Megan is my best friend, even if she can be a bit rude or harsh at times. We met online around the age of 13 and in person when we were 18 at a Pax-Prime. She let me stay with her for a couple of years when I moved
:iconfangirlsunite314:FanGirlsUnite314 305 126
JackSepticEye x Reader: Sweaters and Games
"Sean McLoughlin!" you laughed. "That's my sweater!" Jack chuckled and jumped away as you lunged for the jacket he held.
"No, you wear no sweaters!" he said.
"It's freezing! Do you want me to freeze to death?" Jack shrugged. You looked around, spotting one of Jack's humongously oversized jackets before taking it and throwing it easily over your head.
"Oi, not fair!" Jack said. "I call foul, that's mine!" You laughed, pulling the hood over your head and twirling. The jacket was way too big, obviously, but at this point, Jack was laughing at you.
"Can we please play some games now?" you laughed. Jack nodded, still laughing. You pushed him as you walked past to sit down on the other chair next to his. It took a minute for him to compose himself before he sat in his chair.
"Rocket League, here we come!" he said happily. You set up the game, considering he was on his phone, but every couple seconds, he would glance over at you.
"What is so interesting over here?" you finally asked him. He s
:iconkingofhearts709:KingofHearts709 277 42
bubble skates by Fukari bubble skates :iconfukari:Fukari 5,170 63 futrzaki by Fukari futrzaki :iconfukari:Fukari 3,948 71 hello stranger by Fukari hello stranger :iconfukari:Fukari 6,211 82 blessing by Fukari blessing :iconfukari:Fukari 5,222 68 selfie by Fukari selfie :iconfukari:Fukari 2,832 41 It's my turn now. by SimplEagle It's my turn now. :iconsimpleagle:SimplEagle 603 105 DarkSepticSouls by SimplEagle DarkSepticSouls :iconsimpleagle:SimplEagle 368 27 Ponder Haze by SimplEagle Ponder Haze :iconsimpleagle:SimplEagle 489 23 Victory by SimplEagle Victory :iconsimpleagle:SimplEagle 343 17 FNAF the Musical by SimplEagle FNAF the Musical :iconsimpleagle:SimplEagle 605 55 {OPEN SPECIES} Sea Otters: Trait Guide by Tinytlger {OPEN SPECIES} Sea Otters: Trait Guide :icontinytlger:Tinytlger 107 51 {OPEN SPECIES} Sea Otters: Intro by Tinytlger {OPEN SPECIES} Sea Otters: Intro :icontinytlger:Tinytlger 115 48
Mistletoe (Neville Longbottom x Reader)
I grinned as I skipped through the hallways of the school. Everywhere was decorated to suit the Christmas mood and the snow made everything feel that extra bit special.
The students were wrapped up in their warm casual clothing with their robes on top so they didn't get cold and the excitement of Christmas had hit everyone.
I skipped to the Gryffindor Common Room where I spoke the password before entering. I saw Harry, Hermione, Ron and Neville by the fireplace. I grinned at my group of friends before walking over and sitting on the arm of the chair where Neville sat.
“Hey guys!”I chirped.
“Hey (Y/N)!”Hermione grinned.
“How’s hunting for a date going lads?”I asked my male friends who groaned.
“Why do girls travel around in groups?”Ron asked making me laugh.
“A girl appreciates a male who exudes confidence, Dearest Ronald, you act confident even if you aren’t and a girl will be more likely to accept.”I stated making
:iconthegirlwhocriedicant:TheGirlWhoCriedICANT 41 2
[GIFT] Markiplier x Reader Fan Fiction
(F/N)= First Name
(L/N)=Last Name
(E/C)=Eye Color
Moving to L.A. was probably one of the best ideas that were to come true for you. You've been there for 2 and a half months, living with your friend, only because you couldn't even afford your own apartment. Unfortunately, you started to fight with your friend because she wanted to propose to someone who you thought shouldn't be trusted. After a whole week of bickering, she finally decided to kick you out of the house.
It was a pretty nice and sunny day, but you didn't care, because you were just fricken KICKED OUT of your friend's house! You sighed, kicking a stone on the sidewalk. You looked up and saw your favorite cafe. You gave a half-hearted smile, stepping into the small restaurant.
After walking inside, you noticed that the cafe was abnormally empty today. You sat down at the table you normally sit at, smiling as the waitress that serves you everytime you come here, walks up to you. "Oh good evening, ___
:iconravenslpash26:Ravenslpash26 101 76



LemonLime36's Profile Picture
Call me Ren
United States
Hey guys~ I live in Maryland along with my family and pets (mom, dad, younger bro, two dogs two cats) I hope my art and/or stories are nice! (BTW my user has nothing to do with my writing ;3 It's just a nickname)
;;v;; So I was feeling kind of down at church, watching the two other girls my age (as always, prettier than me) help with little kids (3-5 year olds, so precious) and I was also a helper, but I was over at the table sketching something and had a small group of kids watching me, making cute little comments.
There was this one kid who I had worked with before and who was pretty attached to me, sitting in my lap during a mini sermon, wanting me to carry him, etc. He started running his hands through my hair- surprisingly gently- and said he liked it, pretending to style it. ((One thing you should know about me- I LOVE it when people play with my hair. It feels really good and is sooo relaxing <3 ))
After that he just say down next to me, watching me draw and out of the blue commented; "You're beautiful." It was so darn cute and made me feel better about myself ahh <3 I just love little kids <33


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